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Apparantly I'm an Icelandic company

I googled myself today. I wanted to see if my blog will appear if someone types in my name (kind of the point of it). It does, though my old theater Shenanigans still come first. So did this: somehow I made it on a World Companies List. Kennitala and everything. I'm glad the þjóskrá is so careful with my private data and does not let random websites have access to it.
I also found Christine, but not any other of the Physios in Blönduós. I also did not find Bjarni, nor Beanstalks so the data seems a bit random. Sorry © World Companies List 2013 you do not seem like a reliable source to me.

Correction, it was not the þjóskrá, but the RSK which handed out my data, same difference, really.
Except... if they are still under the impression I am/run a company, does this mean I owe them shitloads of taxes now?

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