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Thinking about the future + pms + wine might be a bad idea

A friend of mine has asked me if I might replace her in pregnancy leave as a physio in Iceland, in the not really near, but also not so distance future.
Apart from the fact that job offers are nice, people in Blönduós have been welcoming and I really could do with another evening of Skat the thought of going back to Iceland is (literally) keeping me awake at night. Sweet, sweet insomnia, how I haven't missed you. It is the place I call home and remembering the last three years there feels like staring down an abyss. Gloom and doom! (side note: I love the words gloom and doom I cannot say them without stretching out the oooooo )
There are also unresolved issues and things that at some point might appear on this blog (if I'm brave enough to publish), but for now this is the question, go back home and see if Iceland and me can't get along and if not then where? I am getting to the age where a permanent home might be nice.

Gloooom and dooooom!

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