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Going back to Iceland

Things have been going downhill with our landlord for some time now, seems like she likes having people pay for the flat but not living in it.
The whole thing made me think of what next and inevitably Iceland has been going around my mind.
I think one of the reasons I am still here and not where, for all intent and purposes, is my home is one simple reason. I'm afraid of confronting the issues I will have to confront if I go back there. Friendships will be lost, people will be angry, but when I was ten I imagined myself walking along winded path over grassy countryside and I refuse to exile myself from what I have come to consider my home:

Fögur er hlíðin svo að mér hefir hún

aldrei jafnfögur sýnst, bleikir akrar en
slegin tún, og mun eg ríða heim aftur og fara

Njáls saga

So next year I will probably walk those grassy hills again. But before I do there is one thing I need to say and need to be heard:

Logi emotionally abused me.

I will go back to Iceland and I will not pretend as if this did not happen. My home is my home.

to be continued...

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