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Stræto - a rant

Dear Strætó,
your company motto seems to be

Less service, higher prices. Encouraging people in Reykjavik to go by car since 2001.

Your bus ticket prices have just been increased to 400kr (almost 3€) per ride. No increase of service of course, because this would be silly. Going by bus to work means missing connections and being late a lot. Why do 5 buses in the same direction go at the same time every half hour? There could be a bus every 5 min, but instead: miss one, miss all!
If the weather is bad (all the time) Strætó seems to be completely unprepared. Your bus stations are put in places which cut driving times, but are terrible to reach, like the one at my work, which is 500m away from the next freaking house. When the weather was bad in winter, our boss send us a mail with this:

Komið þið sæl öll sömul,

Þessa helgina er gert ráð fyrir slæmu veðri og ég hef áhyggjur af þeim sem eru háðir því að mæta til vinnu með strætó þar sem brúin yfir Reykjanesbrautina er í klakaböndum og því erfitt að koma til Vífilsstaða fótgangandi frá strætóstoppistöðinni.

Þið hafið mitt leyfi til að sameinast í leigubíla yfir helgina ef þið verðið í vandræðum að komast til eða frá vinnu. Leigubílakort verða hjá hjúkrunarfræðingi eða sérm. sjúkraliða á 1. hæðinni.

Basically it sais that our boss is paying for a taxi to work, because the walk from the bus station (over icy sidewalks in a storm) is too dangerous.

Your drivers seem miserable. Maybe because you have cameras pointed at them all the time during their work time. Maybe because you told them they can complain about it, but you'll do it anyway and they will get fired if they do. Or maybe because their pay is shit.

My friend installed your app on her phone. She is wondering why it does not matter which time she enters for the schedule, it always shows the times starting at 6am. Kind of inconvenient at 10pm. Then the other day the app told her just to walk (travel time 30 min). Probably not bad advice. But some are dependent on your services:

You just took over transportation services for the disabled. Increased the cost, employed inexperienced personnel, refused to work together with associations for the disabled and soon people were forgotten on the bus for hours or driven to the wrong place all for higher prices.
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