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Snarky Star Wars thoughts

My friend and me went to see Star Wars over Christmas and both thought it was fun, though we giggled more than we should at certain "dramatic" moments.

Some thoughts (Spoilers)

  • They still do the reading thing, it was clunky exposition back than and still is

  • I will call the movie "An improved New Hope" as it has a LOT of plot elements from that movie
    - Droid escaping to desert planet with important info for rebels
    - Orphan main character lives on above planet (though she was way more affected by the loss of her parents than Luke by seeing the burned remains of his aunt and uncle ever was)
    - Surrogate father figure who dies in battle with baddie
    - Surprising father - son connection revealed
    - Blowing up a death star yet again (3rd time now)
    I would call it improved because the characters were more three dimensional and the acting was less stilted

  • The Empire - Nazi references were strong in this one

  • The main, main baddie appeared and both me and my friend were like "Is that Voldemort?" and then the under-baddie (who until then I had called Darth Vader 2.0) took his helmet off and we went "Snape!"

  • I sincerely hope the under-baddie was supposed to be a ridiculous, whiny character, because after he took his helmet off, that is what he became.

Unrelated thoughts: Star Trek trailer, I look forward to Star Trek...
There was a live size figure of Toothless in the lobby! I hugged Toothless!

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