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All the doctors ranked from worse to best - The Worst

So, despite the fact that I actually had to go to work as usual and had 10000000 other projects to work on, I decided that this is the time to finally watch classic Doctor Who. Not all episodes, just recommended ones from each season. And then I wrote blog posts about it. #priorities

Here are all the 13 doctors ranked starting with the worst:

The worst
These are the ones I actually dislike. Please read the explanations before you murder me.

Best story: An Unearthly Child (first episode). It's the first episode ever.
Ok, I actually do not dislike him, unlike the others in the "worst" category, who actively irritate me. The problem is his era. Most of his episodes are bad quality, have missing parts and are really slow paced, compared to modern television. He also gets sidelined a lot and the companions are driving the plot more than he is. I already watched his episodes some time ago and did not go back to him when I decided to have a proper go at classic Who this time. So if anyone thinks I´m being unfair to the first doctor, this is probably true unlike...

I can already hear all of tumblr screaming at me. He was the first doctor I watched and I loved him. And then his last "season" happened and I just could not stand the endless whining anymore and was actively looking forward to his death/regeneration. After getting to know the other doctors he went further and further down the list, as I find he is missing the alieness the other doctors have. But mostly the whining.
Best story: I admit he has a lot of good ones. The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, Midnight

Just like with ten, it was one season, which made him drop down the list. The season with the sunglasses and electric guitar. I just don't enjoy seeing someone have a midlife crisis. His dynamic with Clara made me want to punch both of them in the face most of the time. I don't have a problem with the doctor being rude (Six is very high on this list), but the way Moffat writes his "asshole genius" characters just does not vibe with me.
Best Story: Heaven Sent (probably my favourite NewWho story)

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