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Christmas beer - The Brothers' Brewery

Here we have another micro-brewery in a remote small town ruled by the fishing industry and with a strong regional identity. The Brothers' Brewery was formed 2012 on the Vestmann Islands, off the south coast of Iceland by two friends, who then involved their brothers (hence the name). Just like Dokkan they also have a tap room in the middle of town. Their website is here.


They have two Christmas beers this year: Leiðindaskjóða, a hoppy red ale and Leppur, a milk stout. They added oats to both beers, which finally motivated me to look up oats in beer brewing and why someone would do such a thing. Turns out, oats are used to build "the body" of the beer, meaning it helps all the other flavours develop, while not adding any flavours to the beer itself (unless malted). Still against the Reinheitsgebot, though.

That out of the way, how do they taste like? Leiðindaskjóða, the hoppy red ale does have a lot of flavour, underneath all the hops is a very rounded beer, with the right balance of slight sweetness from the malted barley and bitterness. It is also very carbonated, which I liked. If they ever make a red ale without the emphasis on hops, I would try that.
I also liked the stout Leppur, additionally to the oats a lot was added to it (coconut, vanilla and lactose again), but it harmonized really well and while it was creamy and sweet, not too much though. Now the real challenge is, could you guys achieve a good beer following the Reinheitsgebot :Þ?

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