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An ode to Swiss Mocca

When I first came to Iceland in 2001 I did not like coffee. Then I discovered Swiss Mocca. Consisting of half hot chocolate, half coffee and topped with whipped cream it was my entry drug. In winter you can get a version with chili flakes from Te og Kaffi, the better Icelandic version of Starbucks.
No Swiss person I ever met had heard about this national drink of theirs. I did some investigations into European coffee drinks and think that the closest European drink is Vienna Coffee, a drink that outside of Vienna is often made by mixing espresso and chocolate, topping it with cream. I guess some Icelander who brought this drink to Iceland got their European mountain countries with strange German dialects mixed up. In Vienna itself, the only coffee you can get is a "Wiener Melange", an espresso topped with steamed milk AND milk foam (as a huge fan of milk foam, I loved this drink when I was in Vienna, it is 60% foam 40% coffee. I would have milk foam by itself).
So next time you order a coffee drink, good luck it really is the wild west out there....
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