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Cool German Words - Korinthenkacker

I love going through the posts in the German Reddit group. There is always one post with an example of extreme Germaness, usually some petty fight between neighbours about the correct way to recycle, slightly crooked doormats or "unkempt" looking gardens. There is a reason we do not only have the word Spießer, but also define several subspecies. There is a level of severity to consider. Spießer can be as neutral or sever as the speaker chooses. A Erbsenzähler is more of a nuisance than actively antagonistic, they just really like going over every little detail. But if someone is pedantic about the smallest rules and regulation out of sheer pettiness and in an active attempt to make you miserable a stronger word is needed. This is where the Korinthenkacker comes in. It translates to "someone who shits small raisins". The word itself is pedantic, it is not just someone who shits raisins, it is someone who shits "Korinthen" a particular kind of small raisins. The Wikipedia article lists several local variations, because of course we have those, too. Our dutch neighbours also use the word (Krentenkakker), but there it is a stingy person, like Erbsenzähler used to be in German. It is one of the many examples where Dutch people use words wrong, which at some point should be it's own series of blog posts.

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