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Smartphone addicts!

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I added a mobile friendly layout to this blog (at least I think I did, testing is a bit hard without a proper smartphone) Use this opportunity to play with your phones some more! And feedback, please
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An active day in bed (not what you think! really, there are children reading this blog!)

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Today was surprisingly productive, considering I spent most of it in bed. I should really get a heater.
I started on Version 2 of my blog and might even provide an Icelandic translation, if I feel like having my head explode. But at the moment a plug in system is in place, so one can chose which features to add and a "contact form" and "creating a gallery" plugin exists. I also re-posted some pictures on my travel blog while testing the gallery script.
Most of the day was spent hunting articles for my thesis though. And a hunt it was! I do need to get access to Science Direct, anyone out there affiliated with a university, who feels like downloading some articles for me?
The interesting thing about public health related articles about China is the diversity. One can find articles on the health effects of poverty and life-style induced diabetes with data from the same city. What a sad comment on wealth distribution in Chinese society...

a published? programmer

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A week ago, on the puppy forum I posted this in the SJPPLOG thread:

As I said before, the archive was 

not displaying the months in the correct
order, here is my patch for the archive.
For my own use I included the possibility to
assign more than one category to a post.
Use a ' such as: category1'category2 and no

If anyone feels this is useful, the two patches
are attached, but no guarantees!

And today this happened (I'm efiabruni):


bugfixes and new features (thanks to efiabruni and jamesbond)

I other words, my code was seen and used in the new version! And I had been nervous about putting my code out there to begin with. Now I might actually be brave enough to promote the pe_pplog in general. Time to open a thread in the "additional software" category...
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Shannon the long suffering guinea pig

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I have almost everything ready to throw the pe_pplog out there. But first I wanted to test the installation of it and especially the installation instructions. So yesterday, after several glasses of wine I handed my lovely (and patient) flatmate Shannon my computer with the task to install Poor girl had never even looked at a linux system before and it did not help that my computer is set up in German. She fought her way through my instructions and finally posted her very first blog post with this blog:

GNU Linux vs. PC

This is coming from an avid and long-term PC user. I have more than 18 years experience with PC computers and have dabbled briefly in HTML and website design.
My thoughts after acting as guinea pig for my beloved new roommate, Christina?
Linux is vastly superior for this kind of crap.
(Editor*s Note: She is sitting beside me and monitoring my blog post.)#

Now my installation instructions are somewhat more understandable and devoid of any Genglish...

a young entrepreneur...

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today is the second day I'm going to set up my little bread stall on the street. Yesterday I ran out of bread after just 40 min, which kind of surprised me, as Chile is not a rye bread country. And I did have some to try, so people knew what they were buying! It goes to show I guess, that there is an interest in home baked goods, rather than supermarket bread.
It helps that my bread is awesome of course!

I'm not making enough money to be independent from my inheritance yet, but today I'm also going to look into making postcards from my pictures and I might start working in a brewery/pub. The pe_pplog version 1 is almost ready as well, but I won't make any money of that, I would already be awfully proud if there was one other person but me using it...

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