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What the hell does your blog title mean?!?!

And isn't it "high as a kite", Christina?

No! This is a phrase from the song High from the Cure. I have a special affinity for the album "Wish". I had been volunteering for the horse festival " Landsmót" in 2006 and had been picking up trash for the whole night while witnessing out of their ass drunk Icelanders. By the end of it I wondered why the hell I had signed up for this. To avoid listening to stories of conquests of drunken girls from the guy who drove me home I decided now is the time finally to listen to it and get to know the Cure. First line of the album:

I really don't know what i'm doing here
I really think I should've gone to bed tonight

I loved them ever since.

When looking for a better blog title than the generic "Tine's Blog", I was looking for phrases with the word "kite" in it (because of pagekite in the domain name) and I remembered that there had been a song from "Wish" which had started with some sort of kite simile.

I like that it does not make sense, but still has meaning. The Cure are awesome with Lyrics.
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