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Shannon the long suffering guinea pig

I have almost everything ready to throw the pe_pplog out there. But first I wanted to test the installation of it and especially the installation instructions. So yesterday, after several glasses of wine I handed my lovely (and patient) flatmate Shannon my computer with the task to install Poor girl had never even looked at a linux system before and it did not help that my computer is set up in German. She fought her way through my instructions and finally posted her very first blog post with this blog:

GNU Linux vs. PC

This is coming from an avid and long-term PC user. I have more than 18 years experience with PC computers and have dabbled briefly in HTML and website design.
My thoughts after acting as guinea pig for my beloved new roommate, Christina?
Linux is vastly superior for this kind of crap.
(Editor*s Note: She is sitting beside me and monitoring my blog post.)#

Now my installation instructions are somewhat more understandable and devoid of any Genglish...

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