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My REM the Warner Bros era with Bill Berry playlist

This is a bit of a different playlist. It includes Green, Monster and New Adventures in HiFi. There is no way I can only choose 4 or 5 songs from Out of Time of Automatic for the People. Just get both albums and listen to them both
(except Radio Song ).

Even without Out of Time and Automatic for the People this playlist is quite a journey, from very poppy songs, over screaming guitars to mandolins and accordions, it's sweet, angry, bitter, sad and ironic. So much for REM always sounds the same.
I also did not put all the singles this time, some are here, some are not, I chose the songs I thought were the best / most representative of each album.

  1. Pop song '89 (a single, it's delightfully weird in lyrics and music "Hi, hi, hi")
  2. Get Up (a pop song about wanting to sleep your life away, also proof that REM can be cute)
  3. You are the Everything (the way the lyrics flow remind me of the Cure. Best song of Green)
  4. Orange crush (the best example of the rock sound of REM in the Green era. Also cool call and response in the chorus)

  5. Monster
  6. What's the Frequency Kenneth? (Here they succeeded with their plan to write proper rock songs for touring)
  7. Crush with Eyeliner (The Remix version, because I actually really like it, even if I do not agree with most of the other remix decisions, very glam)
  8. Star 69 (THE REVERB!!!)
  9. Let Me In (no words)

  10. New Adventures in HiFi
  11. Undertow (after I listened to the album again, this song became one of my favourites, like the impressionistic guitar, the religion inspired lyrics and the chilling background vocals)
  12. E-Bow The Letter (was my favourite song from this album since I first saw it on MTV)
  13. Leave (I actually like the siren effect on this song)
  14. So Fast, So Numb (it is a good representation of the many great rock songs on this album and the bitter tone in many of the lyrics)
  15. Electrolite (the violin solo is amazing as is the piano part and I really wanted this playlist to end with "I'm outta here")

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