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Christmas Beer - Lady Brewery

The Icelandic micro-brewery movement is somewhat of a sausage fest. This is where Lady Brewery comes in. It is a women run micro-brewery here in Reykjavik, founded in 2017. Being the only women run micro-brewery in Iceland is not their only selling point, though. They are dedicated to developing Icelandic beer, researching Icelandic ingredients in beer making their "experimental kitchen" and regularly releasing limited editions of new kinds of beer. They have a crowdfunding going on at the moment, check it out!

They have two Christmas beers, All That Glitters Ain't Gold Raspberry Ale, which only comes in a 750ml bottle and Tomorrow's Dreams an (to my disappointment) NEIPA.
I shared the raspberry ale with Jeff, my friend and probably the only person reading this blog, to celebrate his birthday. I absolutely did not bring the bottle as a birthday present, because I needed someone to share the 750ml of beer with and because I had forgotten it was his birthday and had no time to find another present. It is a very festive bottle though. You have to take my word for it, because I obviously left the empty bottle in his place, so no picture this time. All That Glitters Ain't Gold Raspberry Ale is supposed to be a fruit beer, but it is not very fruity. I found it a bit watery (I had expected it to be sweeter and more carbonated), Jeff found it a bit hoppy, we both did not taste the raspberry. We did finish the bottle, though.
Tomorrow's Dreams is a NEIPA, and another beer with oats in it. This is a disturbing trend in Icelandic beer making, why do you people keep adding oats? I might get used to IPA style beers, I actually liked the emphasis on the hops in this beer, it is more on the sweet than bitter side. I actually preferred it to the raspberry ale.

I'm a bit sad that both beers were not to my taste, I really like the concept of this brewery. I hope their crowdfunding is successful, I would be interested to try more of their (non IPA style) beer in the future. Stay away from the oats, though!

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