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Café Haiti

Chile is not a coffee country. It does not grow any and the coffee culture can be expressed in two terms: Nestlé and Café Haiti. I think Nestlé isn't anything worth talking about, but Café Haiti is an interesting phenomenon. Here is what I heard from an unreliable source, but the story is fun! The coffee used to be horrendous, therefor the cafe had problems finding customers. So they used a time honored marketing strategy to get people to buy bad products; Girls in miniskirts. And behold! The coffee became wildly popular and soon other "café con piernas" (coffee with legs and no, this does not mean "to go") places opened up. Some of those had even worse coffee than the original, which lead to the unique creation of coffee places with blackened windows. On random times of the days, the establishment (I think if you have to blacken your windows the term applies) would lock the doors and the girls would take their tops of...

Everyone: Please send me some coffee, boobs simply are not distracting enough for me!
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