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A phone call for lessons

The other day I got a phone call, a person asking for lessons. I was very exited, maybe my first German student, ever! The conversation was difficult, there seemed to be several things lost in translation, I finally asked him when he would like to start and he said right away. I was a bit confused and asked if he were anywhere close to Cerro Alegre, which seemed to confuse him. He asked where I was based and I named Cerro Alegre again, then my street, then the name of the plaza at the end of my street. He seemed to not know any of them, which is a bit weird as they are well known places in Valparaiso. We spent a few minutes being confused with each other, until he thought of asking me in which town I live. I said Valpo, he lives in Atacama desert. Strange. Even stranger was that he was not calling for German lessons at all. He seemed to be as confused about the whole thing as I was, therefore I don't think it was a prank on his side. Is someone using my phone number for questionable purposes? Did he miss-dial? I did distribute my phone number in Valpo when I advertised for German lessons, it is also available on the internet, but this is the only call I have gotten. Now I decided to keep my phone number open on my blog, just to see what might happen...
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