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Robin McKenzie

As my time as a Bohemian Traveller is coming to a close I have been looking at job advertisements and other physiotherapy related subjects. Thus I heard of Robin McKenzies death. He is the brain behind the McKenzie method, my favourite method for managing musculoskeletal disorders. Why?

  • It emphasizes the use of reliable and valid assessment methods to determine treatment

  • It promotes therapist independence for patients and treats patients as acitve participants vs receivers in therapy.

  • Rather than relying on overly complicated concepts it has a non-nonsense test, do and test again approach.

  • It does not pretend to know the answers to life the universe and everything, but rather encourages research.

  • I have never met Robin McKenzie, but considering the underlying principles of the foundation he founded, I think he was a cool dude.

    Also he first got the idea of directional preference because he "forgot" he had a patient in the treatment room.

    I wish my forgetfulness would be that productive.

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