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Dressing for Iceland

Back in Iceland I had to change my dress habits. No, not to become more fashionable, I'm still the person who walked around wearing a pink woolen hat for all last year.
When I got here I dressed like in Valpo, undershirt, pullovers and on top a light jacket. When I got into a house I would take off the jacket, more for show than anything else, as the inside was pretty much as cold as the outside. Very soon I noticed that this way of dressing here in Iceland means a lot of undressing or sweating as soon as one gets inside.

I'm back in central heating country. Additionally people in Iceland like their houses to be 25+°C, so now I'm wearing a T-shirt and a big jacket on top.

It is incredible awesome to be able to walk around in the cold, look at the pretty Christmas lights and get home, take of the jacket and not feel the need to crawl into bed, just to be warm.

And I know that being happy about central heating is incredibly lame, but then I don't feel the need to prove how hardcore I am anymore.

I already did the living on a boat in the middle of winter without electricity, running water or heating thing.

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