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The universe correcting itself

Last month I had a moment of being an exceedingly good person and gave a homeless person I was talking to my mobile phone. He had told me about life on the street and I had been impressed with his resourcefulness which included "stealing" electricity from McDonalds (I approve) and converting an old road salt container to a storage space. We talked about the difficulties involved with having no address and I told him I had been surprised that even for buying a prepaid sim card I would have to give my address. He said he had a sim card, but no phone, which made it hard for him to get more jobs (he is doing occasional jobs, such as repairing bikes). So I gave him my old phone.
Yesterday it was a birthday of a friend. She also was a bit upset, because she had had a fight with her boyfriend and was eager to have a girls evening. When I wanted to call her in the evening I noticed that her number had not been saved on my sim card, but on the phone now living somewhere on the street in Bonn. Therefore I could not be there for my friend at her birthday. Thinking about the causality in this story, I concluded that the universe auto corrected itself, after I did a good dead it made sure I would fail somewhere else. Thus I concluded that I have to be more careful with being nice as it might have disastrous consequences.

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Sir   Posted on 14 Aug 2014, 3:44 by Shannon
I think that is a fantastically beautiful deed, o faire tiny one! I hope your friend thought it was hilarious after she got over being probably really confused about where you were for her birthday.

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