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A new kitchen timer and good wholemeal flour makes bread so much better

I was excited to make bread yesterday, for three reasons:

  1. I was making really nice bread, Pain Polka, after a recipe from "The Bread Bakers Bible" ISBN: 9781843094135. It uses old Baguette dough (which I had made last week) as a starter and is one of the closest one can get to a french-style sourdough when cheating with yeast.

  2. Steffi had given me a kitchen timer, which means I can finally keep track of rising and baking time, as not doing so (because I was busy showing a friend how to bake and was distracted by explaining stuff) had made a bread turn out bad enough to make me sad.

  3. my tools, I feel almost professional

  4. I had found really good wholemeal flour, which was even cheaper than the Icelandic one, one gets in Bónus. Bónus is not always the cheapest, in this case Nettó was. It is ground roughly and has bits of wheat grain in it

  5. Sorry Kornax (Icelandic flour producer) but this is how wholemeal flour is supposed to look like

Everything went well, rising times were measured correctly, the wholemeal flour made it almost feel like it had seeds in it, I formed it into a pretty form, put it in the oven, set the time and sprayed some water into it in the first 10 minutes, according to the recipe. Then the lights went out. I was a bit confused by how that had happened, I was only using the oven in the kitchen. I turned the oven on and we put the switch back in. Lights out again. Then I noticed that our extension cord was located right under the oven. By spraying the oven with water I had sprayed water into the plugs of the extension cord.

Endangering the life of my flatmates by baking

We exchanged it with a dry one and I finished baking the bread. It turned out great, the oven must have still been hot enough when the lights went out.

So proud


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