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Lýsi week 4

This week went fast! I did not expect to be as busy as I was, a union project, which we had been talking about last year and then had been postponed finally started off, additional to other projects. I had one exam in university and the next course immediately started off with lots of work. In short: Uff!
Fortunately I felt more energetic, though the weekend is spend learning and doing union work.
By now I really have to remind myself to take Lýsi, I think I forgot to take it once this week again.

Here is my state of being for this week:

  • How fatigued was I this week? (full of energy to exhausted): 3 much better than last week

  • Fatigue interferred with my work, school or social life (Disagree - Agree ): 5(2) not so much exhaustion than sheer amount is the reason I'm behind on stuff

  • Nights with insomnia: 1better than last week and kind of amazing for someone with long term insomnia

  • Severity of Acne outbreaks: 1 same as last week

  • Backpain this week (none to excrutiating): 2? I really have a hard time keeping track of it

  • Sick?: 1 (No) same as last week

Total this week: 13 of 1 - 42
Last week: 18

Possible confounder:
Stress!!! Also my time of the month is over, so duh! of course I fell better than last week
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