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Cheese extravaganza!

When I came home from the bar in Saturday I met my friends who where unloading a whole trunk full of food they had found dumpster diving. Icelandic supermarkets throw up to 25% of food they order away! They called out to me, asking if I wanted any. I immediately asked: "do you have any cheese?", because my flatmate, though vegan eats cheese when it comes from the dumpster (because then she isn't supporting the animal industry). They had loads, all really nice high end ones. I think I walked home with 3 kilos of it. The next day I was treated to a strange sight: a vegan standing in the kitchen ecstatically eating slices of cheese saying "cheese is the best thing ever!".

We decided to have a spontaneous cheese and wine party and today after class I walked into Vinbuðin (state owned liquor store) and bought a bottle of wine surrounded by tourists and the kind of people who buy alcohol at three in the afternoon on a Monday.

And here it is, real dutch Gouda (the Icelandic one is not Gouda) old and young, Cheddar, Camembert with truffles, goat cheese, home made bread and wine. Yum!

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