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Icelandic customs, I have to apologize...

On the weekend, I finally sent the required email to Icelandic customs with information about the goods in my package. As I (as pretty much everyone else here in Iceland) have had bad experiences with customs not releasing packages until I paid taxes, worth more than contents on them (see here), the letter was a bit snarky:

The package contains (to my knowledge):
My old Jacket, which I bought in 1999, my Settlers of Catan extensions (game) and my old Laptop (bought in 2010) which my father is sending me because my laptop which I have here broke. I do not know how much it is worth today, it is not even sold used on Amazon anymore, but I found some of the newer models for 130€,:

Christina Milcher

Today (Tuesday) the door bell rang and this happens:

The sticker says inspected by and the stamp says exempt from customs. Hurrah! I have a computer which screen is not in danger of dying!

Thank you customs!
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