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The best place to get drunk after work in Reykjavík

We discovered last week that Slippbarinn serves cocktails for 1000kr during happy hour (3-6pm). So we went and tried every cocktail on the happy four menu.

From left to right: Apricot Mint Smash (sweet), Harry's Sour (tastes of bourbon and apple), Thyme for Tonic (summery and refreshing)

From left to right: Frozen Whiskey Sour (Whiskey on Ice), Lime Leaf Gimlet (lemony and refreshing), Moscow Mule (very gingery)

New York Sour and Boderline, a cocktail which seriously used to be called "Apartheid".

I liked Moscow Mule, New York Sour and Boderline the most. We found out when we paid that prices were 30% off the normal cocktails at happy hour as well. It is nice to look at the bill at the end and be surprised at how cheap it is.
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