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My culture has been mutilated beyond recognition. Even the seriously delicious beer and finally having found a decent hot dog in this town cannot stop me from feeling confused. I keep hear myself saying

But this is not a beergarden?

See Fosshotel, you got the beer part right. Actually, you got it amazingly right. For a beer enthusiast this is a place to get to know Icelandic beer. You have basically every beer brewed in Iceland, a lot of them even on tap. Whether it is a classic, like "Norður Kaldi" (a pale ale brewed Czech style) or a seasonal beer like Skaði, which is my new favourite summer beer, there is one for every taste.

However, you completely failed at the garden part. See a beergarden is a very basic affair. It is supposed to have the relaxed atmosphere of a garden party.
With your fancy hotdogs, the wide variety of beer and the slightly upscale atmosphere you might want to rename yourself to something like "gastropub". Though some people also seem to have strong opinions about these, it might prevent poor Germans from being disappointed because they expected to be sitting on hard benches under trees.

Now this is just sad...

A real beergarden

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