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Going to USA - Keflavik airport

I don't know how much blogging I will be doing this week as I will be visiting my friend in Washington and New York!

At the moment I'm enjoying the free wifi (a new thing) while waiting for the passport check for people going to USA to open. Keflavik is a very stress free airport and I'm always too early especially opposed to London airports where I always have to run even when arriving 3 hours early. Here I manage to be at the gate in an hour, thanks to effective organizing of security and self check in stations.

I was 3 hours early, so I bought a silly puffin T-shirt for my friend and could be relaxed when I was selected for a "random" security check from the TSA. They checked for explosives I think. I hoped that this was not going to be a thing from now on and was a bit nervous when standing at the passport check at Washington airport. The immigration official marveled at my south American passport stamp collection and then let me go through without any problem.

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