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Things that make me feel like I'm in a movie

Fire escapes
and in my mind I hear "Maria, I just me a girl named Maria!"

Newspaper boxes
We just don't have them in Iceland, because they would constantly be frozen shut.

Chinese take away boxes
Which actually seem to exist only in movies, now one gets styrofoam boxes, so I will never get my movie moment (eating Chinese take away out of boxes in a motel).

Yellow cabs in New York
We did not go by cab though, now I have to hope that Uber has not destroyed it until I get to New York again

Certain accents
Such as a "California college student", a strong New Yorker accent or any other which can be exaggerated to be a stereotype in a movie. Never an Ohio accent though, I am too used to hear it from all my friends from Ohio (I tend to attract Ohians for some reason).

Ice cream in pints / with sprinkles
When I was a kid there was no such thing as the Ice cream pint (like with Ben and Jerry's ice cream). I love that movies encourage me to eat a whole pint when I'm "sad".
First time I came to USA was with my parents when I was 10. Our caravan broke down in the Californian desert and we ended up staying 3 days in a tiny town called Bishop. We went out one night and got a ice cream cone with sprinkles on top and watched a baseball game. I felt like I had stumbled into one of these coming of age movies about a kid in a small town.

Central Park
Just look at it:

Bonus: Washington is different in movies
I was completely surprised by the diversity in Washington DC. In movies the town seems to consist to 99% of white men in suits. In reality it is around 40%.
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