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15 years of Iceland in my life

This month 15 years ago I moved to Iceland for the first time. Starry eyed and excited to discover this country full of volcanoes, horses, glaciers and adventure.

I left several times, for studies, to travel and live somewhere else (China and South-America) for a year, but coming back was always the path of least resistance when it was time to return to grown up life. Sometimes I had applied to several jobs in several countries, but Iceland was the one that replied, sometimes I was offered a job in Iceland before I had even started looking. Suddenly I noticed I had fully migrated to Iceland in a similar manner as normal people end up returning home after mucking about in the world for a bit.

My relationship with Iceland is complicated. It is the place I have considered home the past 15 years and the place were I have felt least save from all the places I have visited. It sometimes feel like living in a house and forever be treated like a temporary guest, even though you have lived there for years.

I had a small get together for my 15 years of Iceland and here were some ideas for names of the event:

  • "Christina has been 15 years in Iceland and really doesn't know how to feel about it but definitely needs a beer" party

  • Christina's celebration of Stockholm syndrome

  • Sunken cost fallacy feast

  • Christina drinks to a multitude of bad life decisions


Voting for the title   Posted on 17 Nov 2016, 3:09 by Shannon (The Astromaid)
It's a bit late, but I hope my vote will be counted (cue the bad USA election jokes).

I vote for "Christina's Celebration of Stockholm's Syndrome", which could easily turn into "Stockholm Extravaganza". Please keep this in mind if you do a re-do next month, or in five years (for the 20 year celebration).

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