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Writing a book part three - Notes from my editor

My friend who works as a translator (Icelandic - English) and editor was nice enough to edit the blog for me. I also offered to pay her (because of course, this is her job), but she did not want me to, because she is a super nice person. I invited her to a beer instead. She did a great job, though could not keep herself from injecting some sass into her comments.

She was confused by some of my more German English:

Whut? Is this a German idiom? I don‘t get it.

I think... I don‘t know what you mean by this really.

I also seem to be making up words

This isn‘t a standard word. What is this meant to mean? People who own yachts?

This is not a word. I don’t really know what you mean?

Sometimes I capitalise, sometimes I don't

You should be consistent.


Shouldn't I know that, being German and all

No c in Bismarck?

Sometimes all she could comment was:


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