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All the doctors ranked from worse to best - The Middle

This is short, mostly because the doctors on here are those I do not have much to say about. They are all OK doctors, I just don't relate to them.

Lower middle

I first had him on the worst list, but he does not irritate me, he is just kind of bland. His regeneration story saves him, he knows for all the four episodes he is dying. saves his companion instead of himself and DOES NOT WHINE ABOUT IT, TEN!
Best story: The Caves of Androzani

The movie is just so bad. He is mostly confused about who he is or involved in an action scene. The badly written romance, which wouldn't even have worked had both characters been human does not help. In the few moments he is allowed to be the doctor (including Night of the Doctor) he is good and more interesting than Five (easy as this is).
No best story, just a bad movie and a television short

Upper middle

He just never clicked with me. He has a really good arc over the course of his series and is probably the most rounded characterised doctors, so he is here purely out of personal preference.
Best story: The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

Is sooo much lower on this list then expected. The chess master with elaborate plans and kind of immoral seems like the kind of doctor I would like. I think it was because he had on one hand this adorable father - daughter relationship with Ace and on the other would sometimes actively lie to her for no reason other than plot. Maybe that would have been addressed in future stories.
Best story: Ghost Light or The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

I don't have that much to say about her. I like her, I like that she is kind, but also detached and seems to have different priorities a human would have.
Best story: Demons of the Punjab, (because it highlights everything, which is different with the new doctor and show runner), It takes you away (because it is so inventive)

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