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Christmas beer - the missing ones

I was not quick enough in buying Christmas beer and missed the Christmas beers of three breweries, Gæðingur, Einfalt and Bölgerðin.

Gæðingur is one of the older micro-breweries in Iceland it was founded in 2011 in Skagafjörður, close to Blöduós, where I lived for several years. Gæðingur is the Icelandic word for a good horse, Skagafjörður is famous for it's tradition in horse breeding. A lot of people own horses and while I was there, I learned how to ride a horse and witnessed Landsmót, the Icelandic horse festival. So if you ever go to Skagafjörður, visit Gæðingur brewery and ride some horses! (But do not ride drunk, though this is an Icelandic tradition.

From one of the places I used to live to another, Ölverk is located in Hveragerði, a 45 minute drive away from Reykjavík. They were founded in 2017 and are not only a brewery, but also a pizza place. When I lived in Hveragerði, the only pizza available was from a Dominos style pizza place, which traumatized me, by introducing me to the fact that the Icelandic version of 4 cheeses pizza has blue cheese on it. I have not been to Ölverk, but heard good things, so if you visit (it is worth it, there are good hiking trails through areas with hot springs around Hveragerði) or pass through and feel like pizza go and check them out.

The last one, Bölgerðin, was founded in 2020. They do not have a website yet, their beer is only available in the Icelandic State Alcohol stores as of now, as they prioritized getting their beer into stores over having it on tap in bars, because of covid. The website of the Icelandic State Alcohol store tells me they only have three beers out, additionally to their Christmas beer and TWO of them are a sour. Not off to a good start....

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