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Newspaper headlines this last week

In chronological order

Believes magma at a depth of seven kilometers is pushing up

This is much more likely to stop before an eruption occurs

View new locations where eruptions could occur

A fissure eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula will last longer than a week

"Clearly continued activity" and the possibility of a shift a week after the big earthquake

Sharp earthquakes are still being felt, although no eruptions are expected in the next few hours

The eruption is still expected to begin

Thousands more earthquakes but less likely to erupt: "Of course we can never rule out anything yet"

If there will be an eruption the volcano will be called: Þráinsskjaldarhraun, because Icelanders hate foreign news anchors. I would propose to call it: Stríðni (tease). Either start erupting or stop the constant earthquakes!

Somebody set up the website Er komið eldgos? (Is there an eruption yet?)
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