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today is the second day I'm going to set up my little bread stall on the street. Yesterday I ran out of bread after just 40 min, which kind of surprised me, as Chile is not a rye bread country. And I did have some to try, so people knew what they were buying! It goes to show I guess, that there is an interest in home baked goods, rather than supermarket bread.
It helps that my bread is awesome of course!

I'm not making enough money to be independent from my inheritance yet, but today I'm also going to look into making postcards from my pictures and I might start working in a brewery/pub. The pe_pplog version 1 is almost ready as well, but I won't make any money of that, I would already be awfully proud if there was one other person but me using it...

My house

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This is my balcony as seen from the Ascensor:

and one of my flatmates

My other flatmate was taking the picture. We had just been to one of the cemeteries on Cerro Panteon, a hill dedicated to the dead. The light was amazing, golden autumn light and the cemetery is beautiful as well as the views from it.
The day after I bought film for my camera, maybe I will start making postcards of my pictures and sell them. But I also might have a job in a microbrewery (with bar) I would love to learn more about making beer!
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I sold my first bread today!

Now I'm rich, well 1000pesos richer.
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Happy Birthday!

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Today is Michael Stipes birthday, consequently REM is playing everywhere, reminds me of my teenage years...


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I have been diligently feeding my sourdough the last 5 days and made my first bread with it today. I did not expect much, as sourdough gets better the more mature it is, but it turned out pretty well:

The bread did not survive the wine, bread and cheese binge which followed...

This is the view from our balcony btw

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