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I cannot get out! -reprise-

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This time it was not the bathroom door which imprisoned me, but snow on the mountain pass. Why does that sound familiar?
It is strange, the weather in Valpo is sunny and warmish, one cannot imagine that the road is closed due to snow just a few hours bus ride away.
I desperately needed to leave the country, though. My visa was about to run out... After going to the bus station two days in a row always to return home again (the second time Shannon shouted after me to bring wine on my way home, which I did, because I'm an awesome flatmate).
Drinking the wine I sat down with my computer to book a flight ticket for the next day, only to be thwarted again! The online payment system for Air Argentina is weird/non existent. Non of us found out how I was supposed to pay for my ticket, but I think I'm now subscribed to the frequent flyer club? In the end I had to go through a middle men (some of the cheap flight sites, i forgot which) and they gladly took my money.
I have an adversity to flying, I used to fly a lot and associate it with bad things. Honestly my mood drops when I enter an airport.
The flight conditions did not help, 90% of the flight consisted of flying over the Andes, the rest was take off and landing. Turbulences!
And because of stupid security obsessions I could not bring my knitting needles! Tragic really...
At least now the "holy" stamp is in my passport. The weather should be better in September.
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Yesterday there was an almost full moon in the sky, while the sunset coloured the clouds and houses on the cerros pink. I went into an old version of a convenient store, the kind with walnuts in drawers which are scooped into brown paper-bags for the customers. But they did not have rye flour.
We finally manged our alliteration girls night out, we had tried for Margaritas Martes the day before, but the 21. of May is a holiday here, in remembrance of some battle, and the Mexican restaurant was closed. We went our for Chinese instead and had the most dodgy red wine I had ever smelled or tasted. Maybe some experimental home brew stretched with soy sauce? It did taste like soy sauce! My two crazy flatmates ended up writing a song about a koalas bottom, a result of a joke I told (why did the first koala fall out of the tree?) but apparently not the wine, they do these kind of things all the time.
Yesterday we finally went for Margarita Miercoles (at least still an alliteration, I do live with two authors, after all) and this time no songs were written, but we visited the communist? bookstore next door. I avoided political discussions by blending into the couch with a guitar. They have a mural of Chávez on the storefront, so it was either that or being impolite. No indoctrination for me this time.
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please take notice of the Berlin bag!

Also today I met a fellow German who ignored my offer to try the bread and simply stated:

Das Brot meiner Frau ist besser...

trust a German to be rude...

after he tried my bread he asked me to send him the receipt...

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Un día interrumpiendo

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Hoy rompó la electricidad mientras horneaba la pan. Una vendadora está y mi lugar en la plaza. También hay la policía. Es un día para hacer nada, por el vino y un libre...
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Café Haiti

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Chile is not a coffee country. It does not grow any and the coffee culture can be expressed in two terms: Nestlé and Café Haiti. I think Nestlé isn't anything worth talking about, but Café Haiti is an interesting phenomenon. Here is what I heard from an unreliable source, but the story is fun! The coffee used to be horrendous, therefor the cafe had problems finding customers. So they used a time honored marketing strategy to get people to buy bad products; Girls in miniskirts. And behold! The coffee became wildly popular and soon other "café con piernas" (coffee with legs and no, this does not mean "to go") places opened up. Some of those had even worse coffee than the original, which lead to the unique creation of coffee places with blackened windows. On random times of the days, the establishment (I think if you have to blacken your windows the term applies) would lock the doors and the girls would take their tops of...

Everyone: Please send me some coffee, boobs simply are not distracting enough for me!
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